Product Features


1-1 and group messaging

Yapster is as easy to use as Whatsapp and other free-to-use mobile chat platforms, allowing colleagues to send text, photo and video messages in a safe online workspace.

Hassle-free administration and integration

Yapster also eases the administrative burden that standard mobile messaging services place on managers by enabling central management of users and by integrating with existing HR and operational IT systems.

Intelligent muting

Multiple muting options and a ‘do not disturb’ setting help staff to keep work and life in the right balance.


Mobile staff directory

Look up colleagues in the mobile staff directory and start a conversation in seconds – search by name, function, or location.

Social news feed

Ditch the all-company email and start sharing key milestones and important information the way your staff do with our in-app newsfeed.

Your digital suggestions box

Whether it’s choosing a new design or agreeing a date for the next team social, you can get quick feedback with a ‘one-tap-and-done’ flash poll.


Discover the benefits of ‘social selling’

Yapster customers are harnessing the power of mobile communication to turn friendly competition and positive reinforcement into powerful sales motivators.


Protect your company data

1 in every 10 UK workers has shared potentially sensitive work information via their own personal messaging channels. Yapster can only be accessed by approved team members, bringing all the benefits of instant chat on the go while keeping your data safe and your staff communications GDPR-compliant.