end user terms of service

Updated 10 April 2017

Welcome to Yapster! Please note:

1. Anything posted to Yapster is private to [CUSTOMER]. You are under no obligation to use this service at any time but, when using the service, you must act responsibly and comply with [CUSTOMER] policies (such as relevant sections of the Social Media Policy, Email Usage Policy and Internet & Acceptable Use Policy). After logging in, it will be your responsibility to log out if you decide you no longer wish to use the service.

2. Your use of Yapster is subject to the licence agreement between Yapster and [CUSTOMER]. In particular, you agree that we may process your data for the purposes of delivering the service - and that data belongs to [CUSTOMER].

3. Yapster maintains a disclosures policy setting out the very limited circumstances in which we may put community security before privacy at yapster.info/privacy