Same dog, new look - Yapster gets a fresh new look

Same dog, new look - why we decided to give Yapster a fresh brand identity

One of the many reasons I love working for a startup is that you can take a random gut feeling, run with it, and produce something that exceeds your expectations. Today we’re thrilled to be unveiling the result of one such project - Yapster’s new look!

It’s been the best part of a year since I first started to feel that the overall look and feel of the Yapster brand was starting to hold us back. Until then the brand had developed very organically, with those of us involved in the early days helping to define it by our actions, rather than focusing very much on what that looked like visually.

The good news is we had a strong foundation - the logo and signature orange were really distinctive and generally got a positive reception. But, like a hit TV show, we needed a stronger supporting cast to give it breadth and depth.

That was the initial thinking that eventually led us to bring in Ian Higginson of Make Alias to lead a full review and refresh of the brand. I’m extremely proud of the fact that we did this in a truly collaborative way, bringing the full team in for the initial workshop and opening up each iteration of our values and identity for company-wide feedback.

The product of all that effort is an aesthetic that keeps everything we already loved intact but reflects our transition from startup to scaleup. Led by a signature headline typeface, the new identity puts the emphasis on being bold, dynamic, and fun - all qualities we try to live up to every day.

Anyway, we’re in love and we hope you like it too. We’re all looking forward to experimenting with our new brand ‘toys’ and sharing the results with you.

Finally, a massive thanks to Ian for turning that gut feeling into reality - if you like what you see and need some help with branding and/or design give him a shout -


Yapster Admin