Putting (more) names to (more) faces

Last week we had our first ever all-staff strategy day (yes, we called it “All Paws”). As I presented to a packed out meeting room, I realised: we’ve been so busy growing I’ve forgotten to say more than a few public welcomes!

I can hardly believe it at times either, but every person in the image above is now part of the full time team here, helping us either look after our existing customers, bring new ones on board, or build an even better product for them to use.

So what happened?! Here’s a short timeline to catch you up:


Jack and Meg joined us graduate assistants. We’ve been so thrilled with their progress that they’ve both already progressed to take on new roles - Jack looks after our partnerships and integrations, while Meg has just become our first dedicated account manager.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one month, we were finally able to welcome Nicci as our first CFO & COO.


Having been involved since the very early days in various capacities, Aimen finally became a full time Yapster employee. In fairness I did write about this one at the time. He’s now our Head of Business Development.

Later in the month, Leigh (another long time collaborator) also made the switch and became our Head of Information Security.


We had an early Christmas present in the form of our favourite Canadian, Maggie. She’s really come into her own in our customer team and is quickly embracing British traditions (like dipping a biscuit in your tea).


After a short hiatus in January we were back to welcoming new faces to the team. We said hi to an experienced software engineer in Alex as well as our first apprentice coder, Ilayda.


Finally, last month we went a bit ‘Harry Redknapp on transfer deadline day’ and made three new signings to the sales team. In what was the busiest onboarding period in Yapster history so far, we said hello to Paddy, Victoria and Becky in a space of just 8 days.


Watch this space! What I can say is we won’t be a team of 18 for long. We’re still looking to bring in some brilliant developers to ensure we meet our goal of being a best-in-class messaging app and experience.

Our current openings are always advertised here, but I’m always up for meeting great people who can help make us better - my inbox is always open: rob@yapster.info

P.S. To those of you who’ve been missing me on LinkedIn - I’m going to be posting news more regularly over the coming months. And if you haven’t, all I can do is apologise...

Yapster Admin