A bold step forward in Yap-security: introducing Continuous Security Testing

Nothing matters more to us than keeping our customers (and their colleagues’) data safe. That’s been my focus since joining Yapster in October as Head of Information Security and I’m pleased to say we’ve been making some important strides to ensure we protect the integrity of Yapster from home screen to backend.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’re now providing an even higher standard of information security to our customers with the introduction of Continuous Security Testing technology to the Yapster app.

So, what exactly is Continuous Security Testing?!

Well, it is standard practice for enterprise software companies to regularly perform ‘penetration tests’ of their systems. This basically means a qualified professional intentionally trying to hack in to Yapster to test its integrity and identify any vulnerabilities so these can be remedied.

Thanks to developments in automation, penetration testing no longer needs to be a scheduled activity. As the name suggests, Continuous Security Testing (CST) means that the Yapster app is now being scanned for potential vulnerabilities all day, every day. Any issues detected by the automatic scans are then subject to manual investigation.

Taking a ‘best of both’ approach, our team of CST specialists also do their own checks alongside the automated testing so that all bases are covered.

Used by some of the biggest software companies in the world, the benefits of CST include:

  • Faster detection, and resolution of, potential system vulnerabilities

  • Immediate escalation of critical and high risk vulnerabilities, should these arise

  • New features can be penetration tested before they are deployed to the ‘live’ version of the app

  • Expanded capacity in terms of information security resources and expertise

In short, that means that the Yapster service our customers rely on just got that bit safer and more secure. And we’re far from done.

If you want to hear more about our introduction of CST or, of course, anything else about information security and data protection at Yapster I’m always happy to answer questions and hear your feedback.


Head of Information Security


Yapster Admin