Ten things I miss about shopping in 2007 (aka life before the iPhone)

I can’t believe the iPhone has now been part of our lives for over ten years. It actually got me feeling a little nostalgic - I’d recently moved to London to start my career as a lawyer, Take That were on their first comeback, and fishermen had just discovered the largest squid ever recorded.

It also got me thinking about what shopping and going out were like before we had instant access to the world’s information. Does anyone else pine for these experiences?

  1. Filling up my pockets with wallet, MP3 player, phone and keys before leaving the house

  2. Checking your balance at the bank and finding out you’ve been paid. Pub o-clock!

  3. Browsing the Argos catalogue, the book of dreams!

  4. The blissful ignorance of not knowing you could've bought something cheaper elsewhere

  5. Not having to get approval from my wife over Facetime when choosing a new shirt

  6. Mastering Snake on my Nokia while waiting for that one friend that’s always late

  7. When a new pizza menu comes through the letterbox on a Friday

  8. Having an actual conversation over coffee

  9. Being able to cross Oxford Street without being hit by an Uber

  10. Calculator watches - remember those?

Just me?! I’m kidding of course - Apple wasn’t exaggerating when they said the iPhone would change everything. Yes, many of us can get slightly too attached our smartphones from time to time, but few would deny that they have made our lives easier and have created lots of new opportunities. Not all of these are business-driven either - take the pivotal role of mobile-based social sharing in the Arab Spring, or mobile banking opening up access to finance in Africa.

But I don’t think we’ve even begun to tap the full potential of our smartphones. Our work at Yapster wouldn’t be possible without them, and we’re really excited about the possibilities as Apple and others continue to put even more powerful devices in our pockets.

So happy tenth birthday to the iPhone, and here’s to another ten years of mobile innovation!

P.S. What do you miss from the ‘brick phone’ days? Feel free to post your comments below or get in touch.



Yapster Admin