Time to make a date with disruption

The holiday season is fast approaching, and once the busiest shopping days are behind us, many of us start reflecting and setting personal and professional goals for the year ahead.

According to new research from market analysts Ovum, planning for disruptive innovation should be high up most businesses’ New Year’s resolutions lists.

They estimate that a staggering 33% of the world’s businesses woefully underprepared for digital transformation in their sectors.

Unfortunately, respondents from the retail industry were amongst the most likely to admit this applies to their own companies.

Of course, as a technology firm, optimism for a tech-enabled future runs through our DNA. But with every new success achieved by our large retail and hospitality clients we realise that this optimism is far from unfounded. By being ahead of the curve, they are already seeing the benefits of the transformation process, and staying relevant to their increasingly tech-savvy workforces and talent pools.                                                                                                               

And in a global economy, where businesses are increasingly expanding out from their core markets (à la Amazon Fresh), retail cannot afford to be left behind in the race to innovate.

So, no matter what role you have in your organisation, there is no better time to ask yourself “how could we do things differently in 2017?”. It’s a great habit to get into and one that will be on my resolutions list come January.

What are your #retailresolutions for the year ahead?



Yapster Admin