Are you prepared to delight disabled customers this Christmas?

Mike Adams is a remarkable man. Born with physical disabilities, which various career advisors and hiring executives throughout his life couldn’t (or wouldn’t!) see past, he’s managed to accumulate an impressive collection of power-title acronyms over the course of his career – OBE, MBA, and now as CEO of Purple he wants to help more than 20,000 disabled people to realise their aspirations and find permanent jobs.

The purpose of today’s blog is to ask an awkward question: if Mike enters one of your shops or restaurants in his wheelchair this Christmas, how confident are you that he’ll be given amazing customer service and persuaded to part with his “Purple Pounds”?

The question is both moral and economic. Mike focuses much of his time and effort explaining how discrimination against disabled people costs businesses more than £200 billion pounds every year. From ecommerce websites not set up to serve dyslexic customers (which famously includes Richard Branson) through to customer service workers deliberately avoiding direct contact with physically disabled shoppers (Mike estimates this happens to him 80% of the time), the lost opportunities across the economy are enormous.

If you’re a leader running a multi-site customer service business this Christmas and you’ve not previously thought about your organisation’s approach to disabled consumers, I urge you to invest half an hour listening to my conversation with Mike on the Multi-site Masters podcast here.

If you do, you will discover that the basics of serving disabled customers are very, very simple. Even if your units do not all have access ramps, disabled toilets and accessible changing rooms, Mike believes that you can earn “lifetime loyalty” from disabled customers merely by greeting them at the door, making eye contact and asking how they’d like to be served.

It’s a simple but powerful message. And, of course, if you need mobile technology to help carry such advice to the frontline, we at Yapster would be happy to help you. We’re proud to be working with Purple to become a Disability Confident technology company.

We’d also love to hear how you are helping your teams to be #disabilityconfident so please get in touch:


You can also contact Purple by emailing

P.S. Scope are also doing a great job with their End the Awkward campaign which is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t yet seen one of their TV ads.

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